Sole Meunière is a classic French seafood dish, known for its perfect combination between simplicity and sophistication.

In addition to its renowned beef dishes, Ola Ola takes pleasure in offering a plethora. Sole Meunière, a culinary masterpiece in French cuisine featured in Ola Ola’s new menu, is an absolute must-try for health-conscious food enthusiasts in Vung Tau beach city.

The preparation may be simple, but the flavours are truly sophisticated.Sole meunière contains a medley of tastes: the rich tenderness of the sole fish, the subtle tanginess of lemon and the aromatic scent of butter, and a pleasant spiciness from the tasty Rosmeco tomato chilli sauce. Served with crisp lettuce and Japanese edamame, this dish ensures a well-balanced and unforgettable culinary experience. Additionally, you can consider pairing it with Sauvignon Blanc. The wine’s mild acidity complements the seafood dish beautifully, elevating its flavours to new heights.

This simple French Dover sole dish makes a perfect dinner party main course or a light and comforting supper. We invite you to enjoy our exquisite dishes and embark on a refined culinary voyage at Ola Ola Vung Tau.